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Mukkal Vattom Sri Ayyappa Temple. Cheerappanchira. Muhamma. Kerala.

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Sabarimala And Mukkalvettam



The importance of the relation of these two ancient temples is evidenced by the “Thirupattaya Charthu” (the royal decree) of the Pandalam King, by which the right to conduct the fireworks offerings at Sabarimala was given to cheerappan Chira family.


In the year 2001, as instructed by the Ashtamangala Deva Prasnam, (the astrological findings held at sabarimala), sabarimala temple authorities conducted special poojas and offerings as penance at this temple.


Till this date, people of old age and women who cant undertake pilgrimage to Sabarimala come to this temple to offer their prayers on the belief that, by the darshan at Mukkal vettom,  Lord Ayyappa will shower  the same blessings as the darsan at Sabarimala.








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