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Mukkal Vattom Sri Ayyappa Temple. Cheerappanchira. Muhamma. Kerala.

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Cheerappanchira, the famous kalari (martial art) exponents of Lord Ayyappas  times, taught  this only to the people of karappuram area ( place around Muhamma ).   Ayyappa- the then crown prince of Pandalam Kingdom- approached the Mooppan (senior most member of the family) who is the Guru, to learn Kalarippayattu. Having mastered this technique, Lord Ayyappa, rushed to Pandalom on hearing the sudden attack on kingdom, virtually disaapearing from Cheerappan chira. Before his departure he left behind his royal belongings to reveal his identity to his guru. [His quarters at cheerappan chira is maintained till date as Swami Mattom.]


On realizing the divine identity of Lord Ayyappa, his earthly Guru started his annual pilgrimage  to Sabarimal temple. On becoming old, when he was not able to make his annual pilgrimage to Sabarimala temple,    Lord Ayyappa apeeared in the dream of the saddened Guru and consoled him for his inability to take the annual pilgrimage. Lord Ayyappa  also instructed the Guru to construct a temple at cheerappan chira, where he will reside with his full powers for ƒ’†€™ƒ¢â€š¬…¡ƒ’â‚šƒ€š‚¾ th ( 3 quarters of the year- which in Malayalam is Mukkal . Hence the nameMukkal Vettam) of the year. He also informed that a log of sandalwood would appear against the flow of the waters at Vembanadu Lake the next day, which should be used for constructing the temple.  Folklore has it that the log of sandalwood appeared in the waters the next day and with which the Mukkal Vettam temple was built.



Phone 93 491 59577


Phone 93 491 59577