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Mukkal Vattom Sri Ayyappa Temple. Cheerappanchira. Muhamma. Kerala.

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Pujas Rituals Offerings



In the early days of the temple, poojas were conducted on every sankrama day of each Malayalam month. At present poojas are held on every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Poojas are also held on every day of Malayalam month Karkidaka (ie the Ramayana Month). During the 41 days of mandala vrutham, (ie from first of Vrichikam – 14th of November to 11th Of Dhanu), poojas and special offerings are held on everyday.


During the makara samkrama day (makara villakku day) the temple is closed, as it is believed that Lord Ayyappa with his full powers resides at sabarimala.        




Payasam, Aravana, Neeranjanama, Appam, Ghee abhishekam, and Anna danam are the main offerings in this temple. Just like in sabarimala, Sahasranama archana, pushpanjali, ashtothara japam etc are also conducted here.  For people with “Seni Dosham”, these offerings are believed to give immediate relief.


MARUNNU KANJI (Medicinal Porridge).


During the month of Karkidakam, medicinal porridge is distributed by the temple authorities, which is a speciality of this temple. This porridge- the sacred medicine- believed to have been prepared for the martial arts exponents,  is prepared strictly based on the secret recipe, which has been handed over by generations of this ancient family.




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