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Mukkal Vattom Sri Ayyappa Temple. Cheerappanchira. Muhamma. Kerala.

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Kesav Lal. Chief Priest

KESAV LAL- The Chief Priest.


The family patriarch Sree C.K.Soma Sekhara Panicker’s son, Sri Kesav Lal is the chief priest of the temple. Having mastered the Vedic rituals from the famous Dayananda Vaidika Gurukulam, Vaikkom, and Tantric rituals from Sree Vadakkan Paravur Sreedharan Tantri,  he devotes major portion of his time in providing relief to people with doshas by performing Guruthy, (an extreme form of offering to Goddess Kali), Uchadanom- the remmooval of negetive entities like Yakhi, gandharvan etc and other various powerfull Tantric Rituals like Sudarshana Homam, Sulini homam, Akhora Homam etc.


An exponent of Pranic healing and energy scanning, and a true Sreevidya upasaka, he is an expert in Pendulam astrology and spiritual healing.


Phone 93 491 59577